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User Comments for Cats

Total Comments: 2

The following comments are property of its author. ITDb assumes no repsonsibility.
by BroadwayAsh2010 on November, 27 2007
From Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Chanhassen Minnesota
I've seen CATS three times and it still amazes me. The movements and the songs are enchanting. I've been in CATS as the notorious Rumpleteazer. I would love to be in the show again...this enchanting show lives up to the title 'Now and Forever'
by DavidSandler on August, 17 2002
From Florida
Basically a one-song hit show ("Memory") this show is so much more than that. All the music is grand; it's just that "Memory" is the only song with staying power, the others basically only entertaining while watching the show...or listening to it on disc. Perhaps, if you haven't seen the show, the album won't mean as much to you for "Cats" is unlike any other show you are apt to see. Especially arresting to aileurophiles, possibly disgusting to aileruophobes, "Cats" involves its audience, at least those sitting in the orchestra, as I was. Those not bothered by the cast's attentions are obviously the aileruophiles. If you get a chance to see the video, do so as it affords close-ups of the cast that unless you have better than 20/20 vision you just don't experience in the theater.




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