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User Comments for Merlin

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Memories of "Merlin"
by kathy ( on September, 28 2003
From Crystal River, Fl
There was an article in our local paper entitled "Education isn't for Everyone". It seems the writer's children are all doing well and either in graduate or law school. The problem is with his yorkie. Apparently, the dog is untrainable. It reminded me of story the animal trainer for "Merlin" told my husband, who was one of the front light men on the show.

Wils was compaining about our untrainable yorkie. The show trainer said he could train the big cats and all the other animals involved with the show, but he could never train his wife's yorkie. I thought it would be fun to write to the columnist who wrote the article, but I wanted to check up on just when "Merlin" was done. That led me to look up "Merlin" and Doug Henning which led me to your website. What a hoot! What a long time ago!

Wils retired from Local One in 2000 and we moved to Florida. It's been hard being so far from the Broadway Theater. We have season tickets to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center- Broadway Series, but that's not nearly enough.

Now that I've found this website I'm looking forward to connecting with people who are still involved with the NY theater community.

We were both in the theater. I worked from '62-'77 as a performer and then worked for AEA from '77-'89 as a business rep. Wils performed from '62-'71 and then worked as a stagehand. Lot's of great memories.


Kathy Robey





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