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User Comments for Starlight Express

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Better than you'd think (but not anymore)
by Spassvogel on August, 06 2003
From Oregon, USA
In it's original form, as a fairy tale for adults, Starlight Express was entertaining musically and narratively. From the rampant sexual innuendo, commentary on the culture of the 80s (from politics to androgeny), in addition to the ALW pomp and spectacle, Starlight was once a complete show that adults could enjoy. Of course now you can only see what the show once was in Bochum Germany. As time went on, Sir Andrew dumbed the London version and recent touring versions more and more until now we have something to appeal to the Olsen Twins crowd. Most of the clever sexual innuendo is gone, most of the cultural commentary is gone, Belle the sleeping car and CB are gone, the best song in the show (only you) has been replaced with a Whitney Houston wannabe (next time you fall in love). Starlight has now become what the naysayers said all along: a kiddie show, empty spectacle, a Disney ride (what's that line from forbidden broadway about the Victor Hugo ride in regards to Les Miz?). Some of the excellent music remains, but the best of it has been gutted.

It's too bad really.





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