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As a completely independent run site, we need your help. The Internet Theatre Database is a volunteer group of individuals committed to archiving and catalogizing professional theatre. This is a large task and any help is appreciated. To get things going, we have listed the following positions that need to be filled. You don't have to be a database or web programming guru (if you are, so much the better). The reality is that without your help, changes, updates, and new features will come at a much slower rate.

If you wish to volunteer or get more information, please send an e-mail to

Position   E-mail
Founder Keith Scollick
Broadway Play Specialist Open  
Broadway Musical Specialist Glen J. Beck
Off-Broadway Specialist Open
Regional Theatre Specialist Open  
National Tour Specialist Open  
Current show Specialist Open  
Actor Specialist Open  
Artistic/Production Staff Specialist Open  
Theatre (buildings) Specialst Open  
Lead Programmer (Web and otherwise) Open  
Database Specialist Open  
Content Editor Open  




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