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The Elephant Man Scenes

Scene 1: He Will Have 100 Guinea Fees Before He's Forty

Scene 2: Art is as Nothing to Nature

Scene 3: Who Has Seen the Like of This?

Scene 4: This Indecency May Not Continue

Scene 5: Police Side With Imbeciles Against the Crowd

Scene 6: Even on the Niger and Ceylon, Not This

Scene 7: The English Public Will Pay for Him to Be Like Us

Scene 8: Mercy and Justice Elude Our Minds and Actions

Scene 9: Most Important Are Women

Scene 10: When the Illusion Ends He Must Kill Himself

Ten Minute Intermission

Scene 11: He Does It With Just One Hand

Scene 12: Who Does He Remind You Of?

Scene 13: Anxieties of the Swamp

Scene 14: Ingratitude

Scene 15: Art is Permitted But Nature Forbidden

Scene 16: No Reliable General Anaesthetic Has Appeared Yet

Scene 17: Cruelty is as Nothing to Kindness

Scene 18: We are Dealing With an Epidemic

Scene 19: They Cannot Make Out What He is Saying

Scene 20: The Weight of Dreams

Scene 21: Final Report to the Investors




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