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User Comments for Gypsy

Total Comments: 3

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by foosie on March, 21 2008
From New York
Could there ever be another "Rose" ?
by Ray on February, 10 2004
From New York, , N.Y.

I believe the show was written with Ethel Merman in mind. I was thrilled to have seen her in this musical 3 times. I loved her "show business" attitude and found it part of her appeal.

True, I was younger at the time and thought I would never see as good a performance until this evening. This evening, I saw Bernadette Peters as Rose, at the Shubert theatre in New York and found her interpretation magnificent. "Brava" Bernadette, Bravo "Gypsy".

Sadly, I understand the show will be closing on the 28th of February. "Break a leg Gypsy"!

by DavidSandler on August, 17 2002
From Florida
What can one say when one has seen the theater's greatest musical star in her finest performance? Merman brought down the house with every song and tore the entire neighborhood down with her finale, "Rose's Turn". As she was the quintessential "Annie" ("Annie Get Your Gun") Ethel topped herself as Mama Rose.

In her later years, at the Paramount theater in Oakland,CA, I attended a concert given by Ms. Merman during which she regaled the audience with all her hits, bringing down the house with her belting of "Blow, Gabriel, Blow". There was only one Ethel Merman.





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