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User Comments for Carrie

Total Comments: 3

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The Worst Sin
by marknyc on April, 07 2007
From New York, NY
This show committed the worst sin - being boring! How you can take a great story like "Carrie" and run it into the ground is beyond me. Numbers go on forever, and the show stops dead for one long, slow ballad after another. Even the very sexualized "hot babes" dance numbers by the girls in gym class go on and on until you just want them to end.

And the prom destruction was a real letdown - all that you saw were some lasers and meager explosions. Carrie's return home to her mother was also wasted - there was no confrontation, no attempted murder, no retribution.

Funniest bit: Carrie tap dancing with a pair of shoes a la Fred Astaire in "The Barkleys of Broadway" - what were they thinking? This bomb truly deserved to close when it did - it was painful to watch.

One of the most wildly misconstrued stagings of anything, ever
by bnm73 on February, 18 2004
From South Portland, ME
The only good thing about this show was Betty Buckley and a couple of the numbers she sang.

I mean, really....people taking showers in their underwear? Carrie's hands on fire (why?)? Such memorably horrid lyrics like "it's such a simple little gig/you help me kill a pig?" Set changes that nearly decapitated the title character? A religious wearing a nightgown that showed cleavage to the back row of the balcony?

Granted, showing the complete and total destruction of a prom (and everyone in it) is one of the most challenging prospects for a director/set designer -- but it looked like it was achieved by lowering a plastic shower curtain.

Musicalizing "Carrie" MIGHT work, but this was a half-hearted attempt.

Weird in an entertaining way
by eversopowerful85 on May, 18 2003
From south carolina
Who would of ever thought of this. Carrie as a musical. But it's not as bad as people think it is. Of course I thought the costumes and sets were extremely dumb and retarted, but the music was great and had a great 80's pop style to it. My favorite number in the entire show was the destruction scene. Carrie was risen on a white platform as red laser beams shoot out into the audience and the teens faine death throws. Then a roof decends over the stage and the lights go out. When the lights come back up Carrie is standing in the middle of the stage and is surrounded by a huge aztec staircase with a red railing stopping at Carrie's platform. Really the show was not as bad as people say it was.




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